4 comments on “The Rarest of Them All: the Unreleased Protonid aka The Rogue Trader Tyranid

  1. Just a few comments: there are two genestealers more rare than this one: the one you mentioned (the Unreleased Genestealer Magus overlooking a city display) plus http://www.collecting-citadel-miniatures.com/wiki/index.php/File:Unreleased_-_Tyranid_Genestealer_Hybrid.jpg

    The red protonid is from Orclord’s collection http://www.sodemons.com/rhrare/40ktyranidproto/index.htm

    The painted protonid in Bryan’s collection – I’m pretty certain it wasn’t Bryan who painted this, he just happens to own it.

  2. @Everyone,

    Some ebay sellers are using my article in their protonid ebay auctions without my permission. I don’t give it to them to use. My article was written froma time where the old hammer community was very young, it was far harder to find out things then it is now, and that includes tracking models down. Whilst the protonid is still insanely rare and the holy grail of tyranid Collecting so to speak, I know of several dozen worldwide and that number slowly increases. A lot of the Protonid’s that surface are with gamers thatw ere around in the late 80’s that haven’t touched miniatures in many years or don’t use the internet for miniatures based discussion and so the armies/models while away seemingly hidden from view. It’s like that Fimir army from one of the early games day’s where more then 60 Fimir are in the picture vs a skaven army yet no one knows where that Fimir army lives today.

    @Steve Casey,

    I believe the model from Bryan Ansell’s collection was painted by Colin Dixon. I found an old ‘eavy metal page with it and Colin’s name next to it. If Colin didn’t sculpt it then he painted it. 🙂

    Someone yesterday on one of the new facebook genestealer cult groups posted up the rare unreleased genestealer hybrid with hafted weapon he had acquired from an old ex-citadel worker. I admit to being insanely jealous.

    I’ve yet to paint my Protonid, though the rt era tyranids and genestealer cult have expanded to insane levels (154 hunter slayer termagants, enough squigs and 22 genetealer familiars {to flesh out the bases and link the cult and ‘nids together more visually} to make 54 bases of 4 models to a base as Squig swarms, 3 dominators, the protonid…6 running patriarches, the list goes on…I’m only now getting back into the hobby witha view to cleaning up and painting the models after a few years of not so much tabletoping).

    @Mead Cheek,

    It’s hard to tell, it sort of looks to have less detail then my own one does so it could be a recast, but again it’s hard to tell. Hop on the oldhammer forums and ask in a thread there, they are surprisingly good on telling you which sellers on ebay recast and which are legit, and which are unknown entities.If identified as a recaster, you can always send a question via ebay to the seller on the item page and ask ‘So many of your models sold previously have been identified as recasts yet sold as real items, how can you guarantee this model is legit and not recast?’ – I’m pretty sure questions get automatically shown in the auction page and the seller can’t stop them but I may be wrong.

  3. I was working at the design studio for a short while (hated it), but during my time there I painted the protonid for Rogue Trader, along with the squats amd Eldar

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