2 comments on “My Survivors Have Infinite Insanity AKA How To Power Game To Gain Great Advantage in Kingdom Death Monster – Written by Luke Roberts, aka Auretious Taak.

  1. There is one thing you do that I would consider cheating though. You construe a timeloop and then fast forward it. There is no game mechanic that technically allows this even if you KNOW what will play out, you can’t skip actually doing these steps manually. But sure, you could spend and hour doing pass, pass pass, pass, execute lion, adjust stats and get a silly amount of stats (even if it is extremly exploity) but fastforwarding would be breaking the rules imho.

  2. It’s since come to my attention that the understanding farming was raised with Adam at the end of September and his official response was that this was ‘gaming the lion’ and perfectly legal. I still reckon it’s broken as it makes my survivors incredibly powerful against a range of attacks and events but it’s perfectly legal. The insanity gaming thus is also legal and presumably allowed as it follows the exact same mechanics as the understanding one except with far less odds of it occurring

    More importantly, everything in kingdom death is a balancing act. Things are good if not great in some situations and in other situations those same things get you killed instantly. It is very much exactly the same thing with high insanity.

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