This Blog; The Armies; A Brief About Me!

This blog is a catch all blog for me to showcase my Rogue Trader Era Tyranids and also my Rogue Trader Era Space Marines (Rainbow Warriors and a detachment of Imperial Army Police). The armies as they progress, get painted and played with, as well as how I represent them in current or past editions of Warhammer 40,000 will be explored.

I have been collecting the Rogue Trader era and earlier models since late 2010 when I decided I was sick of the current stock of models available for Warhammer 40,000 armies. Whilst the kits are all multi-part and able to make countless variations of models and poses, when you stick armies of the same sort side by side and take a dozen steps back, they all look the same. My collecting is my solution to this – collect the oldest models to create a very unique army rarely if ever seen on the tabletop these days. As the projects have developed a fascination with the attitude that is ‘oldhammer’ has developed and been embraced.

I myself am a 28 year old (currently unemployed) student living in Sydney, Australia. I’m studying a BA of Science and am working towards being a zookeeper. I have collected and gamed since the age of 11 and am at once a hardcore competitive gamer as well as able to drop down uniquely challenging softer armies. I play in tournaments and these armies will see tournament play. I also occasionally author on the blog


If you’ve been collecting Rogue Trader era Tyranids, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’d love to see other collections and share them with the world.

Finally, other projects and games may be expored, of particular interest to me is the soon to be released Kingdom Death: Monster. I supported the kickstarter and the game and models just keep getting better and better.


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